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Passive assistance to shelters

ЦЕЛЬ: 150 000 RUB
ДАТА: 01.03.2019
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Passive assistance to shelters

Winter is a test for all animals ...
We wish that this winter could save all, warm, cure and feed !!!
With the onset of cold weather, the need for food in the shelter increased.
You need 50 packs of feed per week.
For a week to order food, we need $ 500 plus food for puppies and cats, and food at the clinic is about $ 700.
To date, the debt in the form of feed is $ 400, and the clinic store - $ 500.

Reference tape is also very relevant.
We very much hope that our wards will be full and will be able to survive in the cold (and, according to the forecast, there will be a good minus ...), and then spring is not far off ...
Help the shelter dogs and cats survive the winter !!!

Skrill: max. 99 @
PayPal - max. for transfers via PayPal, the purpose of the transfer is the transfer of funds (not the purchase of goods)

Козлов Максим Анатольевич

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